Ways to Keep Your Diamond Jewelry Looking Clean and New

Diamond jewelry is an accessory which many individuals desire. Whether it be for the sparkle which the diamond produces or the overall complimentary look which one experiences when wearing this precious gemstone, this type of jewelry is highly sought after. When one acquires such an item, they will undoubtedly want to know how to keep it looking clean and new. There are a few tips one should follow in order to care for their jewelry in the best manner possible.

Cleaning Tips

There are a few cleaning tips one should heed when hoping to keep their diamond jewelry in a clean, sparkling condition. Many individuals like to clean their jewelry themselves and there are ways to do so while still having exceptionally shiny accessories. One can purchase a home cleaning kit which includes a cleaning solution and jewelry cleaning brush delicate enough for diamond jewelry. Once the item is cleaned in the solution, rinse off the piece of jewelry and dry it with a cloth, preferably lint-free for the best results.

For those who wish to use something other than store bought jewelry cleaner, one can also opt to use liquid detergent and warm water. Combine these two items in a bowl, soak the accessory and use a jewelry brush to get into all of the spaces. Once the item looks clean, rinse it off and dry it in the same manner as described above.

It is also a good idea to take the diamond jewelry to your jewelers once a year or so. While there, one can have their jeweler clean the item professionally and check to make sure that all prongs, fasteners and latches are properly in place.

Storage Tips

Storing the diamond jewelry properly is another way to ensure that the items will be kept clean and looking new. It is important to use a jewelry case which is comprised of fabric and has separate compartments within it. This will prevent the items from being scratched or scratching other pieces of jewelry within the same box. When traveling, one should consider carrying a small felt jewelry bag along with them so that they have a place to keep their item when they are not in the same location as their larger jewelry box. This will also help to prevent the item from being lost.

Proper Wearing Tips

While wearing the diamond jewelry, there are also steps one can take in order to keep the jewelry looking clean and new. One of the most important tips is to take off jewelry every time one is about to engage in heavy construction work or housework. This will protect the item from getting banged around by heavy equipment or being susceptible to large quantities of potent cleaning supplies. Whenever wearing diamond jewelry, the best way to care for it as good as possible is to be aware of the fact that you have it on and try not to engage in activities which may affect the beauty of the object.