Diamond Jewelry Store - Pros and Cons of Buying Online

Shopping from an online diamond jewelry store provides the advantage of vast selection with the ease of 24/7 shopping and the ability to rapidly compare prices. Local jewelry stores have confined stocks resulting in restricted selection. Also, the prices at these stores are typically higher for the same diamond as the local retailer needs to recover higher overheard and maintenance costs. Online stores can have broader selection as they serve broader geographic markets and can access inventories at other jewelers. And as there are a number of bonafide online stores, so you can easily compare prices.

Shoppers rightfully worry about buying online. Some of the best prices for diamonds are found at the smaller online retailers. However, shoppers do worry whether such retailers are bonafide and if the diamonds they are selling are represented correctly. A bit of research and a few precautionary actions can negate these concerns. Bonafide online diamond jewelry stores are accredited by BBB Online, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and other third party accreditation organizations.

To ensure that the right diamond is being sold, purchases can be made through an escrow service or by credit card. In an escrow service, the shopper selects a reputable escrow service provider that gets the diamond from the jeweler and cash payment from the shopper. The escrow service provider has the diamond appraised and if appraised correctly, sends the diamond to the shopper and the cash funds to the jewelry store. Online diamond stores also sell certified diamonds that are graded and certified by independent laboratories such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Society Labs (AGSL). The shopper can request these certificates when purchasing the diamonds. As most of these stores have good refund /return policies, shoppers can get independent appraisals and return the jewelry or diamond if they are not fully satisfied.

Start your jewelry buying experience today by browsing the extensive range of exquisite diamond jewelry online.