Tips for Buying Journey Diamond Jewelry

"With every step, love grows." Such a trademark quote cannot be taken lightly by anyone in the market for quality diamond jewelry. It expresses a message of love and strength as and symbolizes the growth of a couple's love and the journey they take through life together. Journey Diamond pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are all symbolic gifts to celebrate what the future holds and represent the combined visions of promise for couples, both old and new. Read on for a few tips for picking out the perfect piece of Journey Diamond jewelry.

In order to differentiate Diamond Journey jewelry from the countless other diamond jewelry collections, Journey jewelry has implemented specific characteristics for you to look for. Journey jewelry has at least 4 diamonds (and only diamonds) in varying sizes, graduated in placement to represent how love grows over time. At least one of the stones is significantly larger than the others.

One of the most popular categories of the Journey Jewelry Collection is its Journey pendants. Diamond Journey pendants and Journey necklaces come in a wide variety of styles and prices to accommodate even the most discerning shopper, or one on a tight budget.

Metal choices range from 10K to 18K gold in white and yellow, as well as spectacular combinations of these two most popular colors of gold. 10K is the strongest, but contains the least amount of pure gold. 18K gold is much softer than 10K, therefore it's not as durable. This is why 14K gold is the most popular of all grades, as it combines resilience with the shine of pure gold to create a solid median piece of quality jewelry.

Settings are created to suit the tastes of nearly everyone with choices like a cup-like bezel for the diamond to set in. Ultra-sturdy prong-styles keep your diamonds in check with at least 2 tiny gold rods placed evenly around the stone to grab a tight hold and secure the pendant. The larger the diamond is, more prongs are needed to protect it.

Finally, when it comes to diamonds, there are the "4-C's"- cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Rest assured that Journey Diamond Jewelry has taken the guesswork out of the first three for you, as they utilize only the finest diamonds available. The total weight (tw) is in reference to combined size of all of the diamonds of one particular piece. For example, we know that each Journey Diamond pendant has a minimum of four diamonds, each a different size (or weight). The total weight (tw) is the combined size of all four of the diamonds. If the pendant has eight stones, the tw is the weight of all stones combined. If a pendant has 4 stones and has a 1-carat tw and another pendant has 8 stones with the same tw, the 4-stone pendant will have larger stones than the 8-stone.