Diamonds Are Forever: Diamond Jewelry

A specialized crystalline structure of carbon that is arranged in a variation of the face centered cubic on an elemental level is the primary and most basic definition of a diamond. Its name actually comes from the ancient Greek word for "unbreakable," and many aspects of the diamond link closely to that name since the diamond is the hardest natural material currently known to man according to scientific gradation called Moh's scale of hardness where hardness is defined by a material's resistance to scratching. The rarity of natural diamonds and their rather unique properties (particularly in the eyes of the ancient world when mankind had yet to create items and object with these special attributes) has made the diamond the king of all natural gemstones.

In addition to being incredibly rare and difficult to find, diamonds once they have been processed and shaped have the tendency to be breathtakingly beautiful. All of these qualities of this relatively simple carbon crystal make it the ideal choice for jewelry and mankind has been exploiting them for adornments ever since diamond mineral deposits were first discovered.

Fine jewelry in general has had a long standing link to diamond jewelry and the two phrases are swapped often because of the preference modern humans show to diamonds. Jewelry stores across the globe would be considered ill prepared, crazy, or even not a fine jewelry seller at all if they did not stock some type of diamond jewelry in their lovely glass cases.

Diamonds are an incredibly versatile gemstone in general though. Their shimmering, natural crystal clear color looks great on many parts of the human body for special bejeweled adornment and their special elemental structure allows them to be shaped in a variety of ways to create cuts for many metallic settings. Diamond necklaces are a classic way to wear this ancient mineral. Diamond wreath necklaces in particular are the height of elegance (and generally of price as well) since they feature a long chain of connected diamonds made to totally encircle the wearer's neck and add magnificent shine to an entire room. For those who wish to wear diamonds but are not the heirs to a massive fortune or business tycoons, diamond pendants are the perfect choice since they allow for the gentle shine of diamonds around your neck but contained in a specified area that is delicately hung on a stylish chain of metal that matches the precious metal of the pendant's setting.

Diamond earrings are also a very classy addition to anyone's jewelry box. They can be a long, chandelier type of earring or the timeless diamond studs that look great with anything at any occasion. Diamond rings though are the tried and true way to wear diamonds in the modern world. Diamond eternity rings that are basically a simple circular band in any precious metal that is covered in a line of diamonds are a wonderful way to show your eternal bond to someone. Yet, the greatest bond shown by the gift of diamonds has to be the engagement ring given in a proposal to your true love. Diamond engagement rings are always in style and probably always will be an elegant way to propose to your bride to be.