Tips to Store Your Diamond Jewelry - Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling and Chip-Free Forever

Diamond jewelry is forever. No wonder millions of women love this sparkling stone. In fact, they would go any length to preserve and diamond jewelry. However, just wishing for the diamonds to retain their quality and beauty will not do. You need to take good care of your prized possessions. This article will provide you with helpful tips on keeping diamond jewelry chip free and sparkling like new.

Storing diamonds
You must store loose diamonds in a jewel case. Make sure the jewel case is lined with a soft fabric. It is also important to keep diamonds separate from other jewelry.

Special boxes
Make sure you use jewelry boxes that are specifically designed for storing diamonds. The box should have different compartments to store rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces etc.

Do not mishmash:
Strictly avoid storing diamonds in a mishmash way with other gemstones. Diamonds are hard and tend to scratch softer gemstones.

Wrap diamond jewelry
In case, you are storing diamond jewelry in a box or regular drawer, carefully wrap each piece in a tissue cloth separately.

Storing necklaces and bracelets
A different technique should be applied for storing diamond bracelets, necklaces and chains. Do not store them in a group or jumbled with other pieces of jewelry.

Storing pendants
A lot of people tend to store diamond pendants on a chain. However, this is a wrong method. You must remove pendants from chain and store separately. The best way to store diamond pendants is to wrap them in a tissue separately.

Save your diamond ring
It is a common practice among people to stow diamond ring on sink rim while washing hands. This should be strictly avoided because diamond rings can slip down the drain easily.

Storing diamond jewelry carefully can help retain its beauty and brightness forever.