History Behind Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have always been the richest passion of mankind. The existence of diamonds was discovered around 5000 years ago. In ancient history diamonds hold special importance as religious symbols. Many beliefs and traditional customs are developed around different forms of diamonds. It has always been used as a perfect instrument for jewelry. However, being the hardest known material it was used as tools by ancient men for various purposes like engraving and shaping other hardened objects and metals. With the industrial revolution in 19th century new machinery and processes were introduced to harness diamonds. The modern age of diamond jewelries began during these times.

In ancient times, India was the only place where diamond ores were found. Centuries of mining and exploitation which dated back to 19th century BC, exhausted these mines quiet early as 18th century AD. As of today most of the diamond supply comes from the countries of Russia, Australia, South Africa, and Botswana. Diamonds are today used to adorn a variety of accessories ranging from handbags to wrist watches. Nevertheless diamonds are primarily and ultimately used to make jewelry.

Colorless diamonds are considered as the most pure diamonds and it is preferred over colored ones for its unbeatable brilliance. As diamonds are the toughest of all material it is cut and shaped using tools made of stronger diamonds. Diamonds vary in quality and price depending upon its purity. Diamonds are graded on the basis of four major characteristics possessed by them. They are cuts (the symmetrically aligned division of the stone's surface), carat (weight of the stone), clarity (purity or perfection), and color (variations in the color properties of a natural diamond). Diamond jewelries are best made with gold. In certain parts of the world, especially in India diamonds are studded in silver metals for ornaments as the combination is considered more auspicious.

Diamond jewelry is deemed as a symbol of luxury because diamonds are the most expensive stones ever discovered. The value of a diamond deepens with its antiquity. That is another reason why woman consider diamond jewelry as a possession of a lifetime and a symbol of their tradition which they can pass on to the generations to come. Apart from its aesthetic values diamonds jewelries have lot of traditional and emotional importance attached to them. For occasions like weddings and engagements diamond studded rings have special importance, especially in the western countries.

Diamonds are also considered as stones which brings luck or which has the power to manipulate the planetary influences on a person's life. This belief has its origin in India but now it has spread to other parts of the world. This unique secretive power believed to be possessed by diamonds had enhanced the importance of diamond jewelry manifold. Men wear diamond studded rings to have a brilliant future and attain dynamism in their life which is a reflection of the characteristics of this precious stone. Diamond jewelries are custom made by customers using the diamonds suitable for them according to their birth star and planetary positions.