Keeping the Sparkle in Your Diamond From This Day Forward

The hypnotic allure of sparkling diamonds has such a resolute effect that different people from different walks of life are compelled to invest their hard-earned money if only to have a little portion of such a priceless stone. One has to agree that the certain charisma exuded by a diamond and its wearer is absolutely that of beauty and self-confidence.

But what happens if a diamond loses its sparkle? Does it still radiate the same magnetism professed by those who have experienced it? Diamonds might be precious and special but if neglected to a certain degree; they altogether lose that certain character, that forceful appeal. Diamond jewelry still needs to be taken cared of in the same manner you take care of your other worthwhile investments.

Take a closer look at your diamond engagement ring now. Does it still have that same brilliance when it was first gifted to you? Do you remember how the diamond stone shone in the dim romantic candlelight during your marriage proposal? You can bring back that shine in quick and easy ways that will not at all break the bank! Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean your diamond jewelry to keep them sparkling from this day forward:

Polish your diamonds with a soft cloth. Using a soft lint-free cloth, wipe the surface of your diamond or diamond jewelry gently to remove dirt and dust. Although this method is relatively simple and non-invasive, it can be an effective way of keeping your diamonds shiny if done regularly and properly.

Immerse your diamonds in warm water and mild liquid detergent. Mix one part of mild liquid detergent in 4 parts of warm water. When the detergent has been evenly dissolved and mixed with the warm water, soak your diamond or diamond jewelry in the solution for several minutes. With a soft brush, gently clean the top and bottom parts of the diamond jewelry, especially concentrating on the intricate designs where dirt could possibly be embedded. Rinse with tap water and air dry. Do not use a hair dryer because direct heat can discolor the stone.

Use a commercial cleaning solution. Diamonds can also be cleaned by the use of commercial solutions which can be bought for under $20 in any department store. However, read the label carefully and check for ammonia ingredient. Ammonia is an absolute no-no for diamond cleaning because it has been discovered to contain other chemicals that may be too harsh for any type of diamond jewelry. Also, never use chlorine, bleaching solutions, toothpaste or any formulation that contain abrasives.

Avoid touching the diamond stones with your fingers. After cleaning your diamond jewelry, always remember not to touch the diamonds with your fingers because the natural oils can leave a film on the stone. Instead, you may want to pick them up using a piece of cloth. You may also hold the jewelry by the metal it has been attached or set into, such as the gold band in cases of diamond rings.

Soak your diamond jewelry individually. Do not put all your pieces in one bowl because they might get tangled. Entanglement will further lead to the loosening of the diamond setting which can potentially lead to the displacement of the stone. Each piece of jewelry should have its own cleaning solution and container so they could be properly inspected before and after cleaning to avoid loss of diamonds.

Given the tips above, keeping your diamond jewelry sparkling can be done in a jiffy. Always remember to do this procedure regularly to avoid tough build up. In no time, your diamonds will be looking brand new again!