Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry Delivers the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Jared jewelry department stores promises to deliver the same ultimate exciting shopping experience to their online businesses that they offer offline. This shopping experience is said to include great prices, a team of experts in front and behind the counter. Since 1993 when the first Jared's jewelry stores was opened to the public, their mission was to revolutionize the way jewelry stores were being operated.

They are the fourth largest company in the jewelry store business by sales, with over 170 stores or the equivalent to 700 mall store as of January 31st 2009. However, Signet Jewelers Limited the parent company is considered to be the largest specialty retail store in the world today. Signet's division in the USA operates 1,317 stores in all 50 states at January 29, 2011.

Destination superstores trades nationwide as Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry and is a part of the Sterling Jewelers INC, which is part of Signet Jewelers Limited. Its' UK division of stores trades as the well-known H.Samuel and Ernest Jones, which are situated in prime locations on the High Street and major shopping malls in the major cities of the UK.

This division Signet Jewelers Limited operates around 540 stores as of January 29, 2011 and this includes, 17 stores in the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands. Unlike most jewelers and jewelry stores, Jared not only offer a lifetime guarantee on all certified diamonds over $300, but they also offer free inspection of your diamonds and they will clean them for you as well.

To help customers understand and appreciate diamonds more, as part of their education process, they have included a detailed explanation on what the diamond industry calls the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs are used to determine the value of diamonds, they are color, clarity, cut and carats of the diamond. Currently Jared Jewelers are featuring three major diamond collections that are intended to represent the finer aspects of diamonds.

These collections tell the stories of the people who are the backbone of the industry and these stories deal with creativity and designs of the craftsmen and are intended to represent the history of the diamond jewelers. These three major collections are the Leo Diamonds, which are supplied by Leo Schachter's family owned business. This family owned company have been creating hand-crafted diamonds for more than four generations now.

Leo Schachter diamonds jewelry are well-known in all the major cities around the World. This is said to be because their jewelry is passionate and elegant pieces of works of art. The Peerless is the next in the collection and represents the cutting of diamonds to perfection and with precision. According to experts, the cutting of diamonds is by far the most important aspect in a beautiful and exquisite diamond.

A poorly cut diamond is said to be dull and of low value, but a perfectly cut diamond has fire and brilliance and very expensive. The perfectly cut diamond accentuates the diamond and this is determined by the way light enters the diamond and also how the diamond facets reflects the light back. The Journey Diamonds are the last in the collection, they are admired for the creative arrangement of multiple diamonds in a setting.

The Journey diamonds collection represents the strength of love that grows more intense and strong with time, at least that is according to the designers of Jared jewelry.