Good, Cheap Diamond Jewelry

Every lady loves jewelry. Some like gemstones and some like silver while others prefer gold and diamonds. I reckon if the truth be known most ladies would prefer gold and diamonds but develop a liking for other styles because of pure economics. I suppose we all can't afford to be dripping in gold and diamonds like some on the red carpet and high society seem to. Although it is not a bad idea to get into gold or/and diamonds because you are buying an investment. Look at the price of gold now and how high it is. That has spawned a whole new industry in old gold jewelry buying. It is worthwhile now to melt down old gold jewelry. OK, so is there such a thing as cheap diamond jewelry.

As soon as we see the word cheap alarm bells go off. Usually if something is labeled cheap then that is what it is, cheap so how can you have cheap diamonds that are any good. Diamonds come in all sizes, colors and qualities. Although most of the diamonds we see in jewelry are clear fine white, you can get any other color including pinks and yellows and browns and some of these colors do appear now and then in nice diamond jewelry pieces. The white diamond is graded by it's cut, there are several styles and ways to cut a diamond. Then we look at the color and the clarity and the caret or size of the diamond. Naturally a very large diamond is going to be more valuable than a small one but only if it has been well cut and has good color and clarity. Sometimes you will find a big diamond ring selling really cheaply and you will discover some nasty black marks deep inside which will really spoil a nice piece. A diamond is meant to sparkle with a brilliance unlike any other stone and this is part of it's attraction.

The diamond cutter is going to cut the largest stone he can from his piece of rough diamond and to do so he may have to compromise a little on the quality of that cut. When you want to buy a diamond you generally have to compromise between the size and quality and price, which is usually a big consideration. With the gold you are generally pretty safe as it is hallmarked to the grade that it is although some have been caught with Chinese faking hallmarks on some of their plated stuff. Not nice.

So where are you going to get good cheap diamond jewelry. Your best option is to go straight to the manufacturer. That way you are already saving the intermediate mark ups. Find a reputable manufacturer who sell direct to the public from his workshop. Your best bet here is online so that you are cutting out the costs of his retail showroom as well. That way he can manufacture and sell direct to you with very little cost in between. If this company is doing the right thing you should be getting quality diamond jewelry and a good cheap price. Check them out online. You may be surprised at how much you can get your next piece of diamond jewelry for.