Diamond Jewelry - Emblem of Status, Love and Wealth

A symbol of prosperity and endless love, these glittering little stones called diamonds have kept humans enchanted to them since the times immemorial. In the possession of a man these shining pieces of carbon testify to his status in the society and women associate them with love and beauty. Also diamonds hold religious significance in some cultures and this and other qualities of these precious stones make them a preferred choice in jewelery designing. History tells us the custom of wearing diamonds is ancient indeed and the people in the 21st century still find diamonds as radiating as the ancient Romans or Arabs did. Jewelry containing diamonds isn't merely an adornment, this jewelry makes an excellent investment too. In the following paragraphs we will learn how diamond jewelry has been viewed in different ages, what significance it holds today and why you should invest in it.

As far as the historical records go, the use of diamonds as ornaments has always been of great importance, albeit, the reasons weren't always the same. For instance, it has been suggested that the cavemen wore diamonds not to show off their rank or wealth but to remind themselves of the spring. It was much later, only after humans had made significant advances in culture, that diamonds began to be associated with wealth and rank. Clocks haven't turned back since then and today in almost all cultures diamonds are a great way for most people to demonstrate who forms the elite.

The current trade in diamonds is estimated to be worth more than US $13 billion. Nearly one in every three diamonds extracted from earth goes into the making of diamond jewelry. Today diamonds are worn for two main reasons: symbolic and religious. Some may wear diamonds for artistic or aesthetic reasons but these people form only a minority. Gifting diamond jewels is also a fantastic way to express your feelings to your loved one and for this reason it is now becoming a new norm to purchase diamond rings and other kind of diamond jewels during weddings or other special occasions.

Emotions aside, diamond jewelry also makes a good investment against an uncertain future. Like gold, its prices don't fluctuate much and rarely come down. Moreover, in case of jewelry designed by some famous artist, the price usually shoots up spectacularly after a few years. This means diamonds not only make jewelry more beautiful, they can also make you financially more secure.

The United States is currently the biggest market for diamond jewelry. The rising expectations and demands of the people in the burgeoning economies of Asia means that their appetite for diamond jewels in only going to increase in future. After all diamonds have for long been associated with wealth and power and the people in Asia will not spare their chance to show off that their time has come. Lovers will continue to gift diamonds to tell the other of their emotions and all this makes buying diamonds today a good investment opportunity.