Declare Your Undying Love With a Diamond Ring

An engagement or wedding ring is possibly the finest piece of jewelry you'll ever buy in your life. And with good reason too, a wedding is the most important occasion of your life. What better than a sparkling diamond ring to seal the covenant of love and to pledge togetherness for eternity! As you attempt to pick the finest diamond ring to grace the occasion, you may be confused by the wide variety of choices in colors, styles, stones and shapes. Follow certain basic guidelines, some of which are commonly applicable for all diamond jewelry, and others specific to the occasion.

Decide on the Budget

Don't we all know how easy it is to exceed the budget while shopping for anything. Diamond ring shopping is no different, and here there is also the added pressure of getting a very expensive ring to show how much you love someone. But remember that the price tag in no way represents the love you have in your heart. Do not succumb to external pressures as you firmly decide on the budget that you can afford. Buy the high end diamond ring within your budget. Spend the amount that you are comfortable spending. Of course, if you want the rarest, most precious and most expensive, by all means go for it. The key to deciding on the budget is how much you can afford to spend.

Engagement Ring Style

You are going to be faced with a mind boggling variety of choices in diamond jewelry. Platinum or gold? Traditional or modern? Chunky and flashy or elegant and classy? It is much easier for a man to pick just the right diamond engagement ring, if he has a fair idea about the kind of jewelry his sweetheart wears on a daily basis.

If she likes silver, white gold or platinum jewelry with intricate designs, you may want to select a platinum engagement ring with filigree. Platinum is the top pick among romantics at heart because it's a pure metal, as they know their love is. If she favors gold pieces, pick a diamond ring set in gold. The classic look of gold makes it a popular choice. White gold is also a well-liked and more affordable alternative. If you are still undecided, it may be worthwhile asking for the opinion of a close friend or family member. She and her best friend may have spent hours discussing secret dreams about engagement rings and wedding attire.

A Diamond is All Bling

A huge chunk of cost of a diamond ring is the stone. A sensible diamond buyer should know about the cut, clarity, carat and color before making the purchase. Two diamonds may look very similar, yet have remarkably different costs.

Shape of the Diamond

The most popular engagement ring is the classic, round diamond solitaire. But that's just the beginning in diamond ring choices. Always look at what really sparkles and stands out. It is possible to create newer cuts in diamonds with intricate refraction patterns. There are also novel diamond shapes like hearts, which may be the ideal choice for you. One final tip is to buy that particular piece of diamond jewelry that makes you happy. As you embark on a life long journey of togetherness, what is more precious than even a diamond ring is the love and happiness in your hearts.