What Glitters is Gold... What Sparkles is Diamond

Bling is the thing when it comes to diamond jewelry. If you are in the market for the perfect engagement ring, pendant, or pair of earrings, here are some pointers on what to look for in each type of product. Of course, everyone knows about the C's. What this article hopes to do is give you a more practical way of shopping for diamonds in different types of jewelry.

Earrings - When it comes to buying diamond earrings, there are a few things you should know. You may notice that the price of diamond studs can vary greatly from one vendor to the next and one pair to another. This is because the quality of diamonds in earrings can be vastly different. Typically, the diamonds in stud earrings will be middle of the road quality. Understand that most flawless stones are saved for pieces that feature a single stone, such as rings or pendants. Flawless diamond stud earrings can be found, but they will cost a pretty penny. Because most diamond studs are not very large individually, you will see most in an SI1 type quality. Tip - keep your eye open for prices that seem too low. Remember, you almost always get what you pay for.

Bracelets - In diamond bracelets, usually there are a considerable amount of stones. This is especially true when it comes to diamond tennis bracelets. Because of the number of stones, the quality will almost always be SI1-SI2. To make a tennis bracelet with higher quality stones is usually cost prohibitive for the manufacturer. Because of this, tennis bracelets will still be rather expensive, but rarely will contain flawless stones. Simply beware of bracelets that have poor color. Tennis bracelets with good color will always provide plenty of sparkle. Yellowed or browning stones will make for an unhappy wrist. Tip - Diamond tennis bracelets are costly. Be sure to get one with a double locking clasp to keep it where it belongs.

Rings - Here is where diamond quality is at a premium. Diamond rings, especially engagement rings, rely on the quality as a measure of beauty unlike any other piece of jewelry. Often, the choice comes down to size or quality. More men than you would think will buy a far smaller stone in exchange for flawless or near flawless quality. Others will be just as happy with an enormous rock, regardless of the quality. The real trick here is to figure out what is important to the person getting the ring. Aside from that, you will want to go with your budget and truly shop around. The prices of diamonds and diamond engagement rings will vary greatly from one dealer to another. Take your time and really decide what is important to you. Tip - Look for loose diamonds if you want to get creative with your design or are mostly concerned with the stone when it comes to your ring. Loose diamonds can save you money and are available in many different colors, cuts, and quality levels.

There are many other types of diamond jewelry that have their own qualities. Look out for the things mentioned above and you will end up much happier with your purchase.