Proper Maintenance of Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Cleaning your jewelry on a consistent basis is essential if you want them to stay beautiful. There are several ways to clean your jewelry and here are a few ideas how you can do it. Maybe the two simplest way to clean jewelry today is to make use of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or to take your precious ones to the professionals. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are electric cleaners that feature a small basket where jewelry, water and a few drops of detergent are placed. Ultrasonic cleaning waves can be used to clean jewelry and even electronic components and delicate machine parts too. These cleaners are useful for jewelry cleaning and removing tarnish. They are good for cleansing some jewelry however they may damage several gemstones. The chemical substances in the detergent used by these cleaners are certainly not recommended for pearl jewelry and several other fine gemstones.

Besides these two methods, there are several other options to clean and maintain your pearl and diamond earrings. To keep your earrings luster and to keep them thoroughly clean, wipe off the make-up and skin oils right after each wearing. Pearls are very easy to damage, especially when you are cleaning them yourself. To clean pearls, wipe each and every pearl separately with a delicate, clean, natural cotton fabric dampened using a solution of 2 cups of domestic hot water plus some drops of a gentle dish-washing fluid. Avoid soaking pearls!

Diamonds are definitely the toughest material acknowledged, however that doesn't mean we are unable to bring them back to life by using some old cleanser. Soak your diamond jewelry in a solution made of one cup of warm water and 1/4 cup of ammonia for an estimated 20 minutes. When you use cooking soda to wash diamond jewelry, combine it with drinking water to create a pasty compound, and rub it on the jewelry with a toothbrush. The solution made of water and ammonia is advised to use for diamond jewelry which are not crack filled. If you happen to have such diamonds you should clean them with a mild liquid detergent. Diamond earrings need to be kept separately so the jewelry does not rub with each other and get damaged. Use soft jewelry cloth to separate your different pieces of jewelry.

As the time passes the natural oils from your own skin, moisture, corrosion and air born contaminants will certainly tarnish the shine and luster of your earrings. As you can see it is not a hard thing to do when it comes to cleaning your favorite pearl and diamond earrings.