Tips to Handle Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are forever; and have always been and would always be a woman's favorite. Diamonds happen to be the strongest of all stones, however that does not permit it be misused or manhandled, because you might just end up to cause cracking, breaking or spoiling it. Cleaning your diamond is a must; it's pretty much similar to your teeth; what would happen if you don't clean your teeth, end result would be that you end up spoiling your teeth, same goes with diamonds as well.

Steps on how to keep your diamonds as new as ever:

Strep 1: You need a soft brush, soap and water; and if you don't have a soft brush you could either use an eyebrow brush, or a soft tooth brush.

Step 2: Make a mix of warm water and soap solution in a bowl and place the diamond jewelry in it. A gentle cleanser would do great in cleaning up your diamond.

Step 3: You need to soak the jewel for a few minutes and then start scrubbing it using the soft brush; be sure that while scrubbing you reach the bottom portion of the diamond as well, as it is where the maximum dirt and oils gather.

Step 4: Once the diamond is clean; use a clean cloth to gently dry it.

Things to keep in mind:

Always get your diamond jewelry checked by a professional jeweler at least once in 6 months; this would check the prongs and mountings that hold the diamond; because if the diamond is not held properly then there is a possibility of the diamond to fall.

If you wish to buy a jewelry cleansing liquid, be certain before you choose one, you must spend time in reading each instruction, precaution and direction of use that's been mentioned behind the bottle of the cleanser.

You could also opt for a machine, which is a special ultra-sonic cleanser that could clean the diamond jewelry using high frequency. Since there are many machines of this type, be sure you read the instructions before you make the purchase.

When you don't wear your jewelry, see to it that you store them properly in a jewelry box and also keep it apart from other jewelry pieces or else you might end up with scratches on the diamond and on other jewelry pieces. Every jewelry piece, be it a diamond necklace, diamond pendant or a diamond ring has its own place, and be sure you place them where they belong.