Special Diamond Birthstone Jewelry For the April Born

One of the most treasured gifts that a woman (or man) can receive is diamond birthstone jewelry. Widely recognized as a sign of enduring love and affection, diamonds are used to enhance all different types of jewelry. Birthstones for the month of April, a diamond is the most resilient gem of all.

THIS jewelry is fashionable, never goes out of style, and is always a welcomed and special gift. Diamond birthstone jewelry is available in a variety of popular trends such as pendants, watches, rings, and other fine jewelry designs. Many of these items are offered in three piece sets featuring a bracelet, necklace, and earrings. Some jewelry manufacturers offer custom made diamond jewelry designed to your specifications.

Wearing jewelry on a regular basis will expose it to the elements, as well as hair and skin care products. Film, or build-up will cause diamonds to appear lifeless or dull. With proper cleaning and care, diamonds will last a lifetime and never loose their luster. Diamond birthstone jewelry can be effectively cleaned with a small amount of mild liquid detergent mixed with water. A soft brush will remove film or dirt particles. Many stores include cleaning solutions and brushes when you purchase diamond jewelry.

After jewelry has been cleaned, it must be properly stored to prevent damage or accidental breaks. To store diamond birthstone jewelry, separately wrap each piece in lint-free soft material to keep them safe from dust. Most jewelers supply small cloth jewelry bags that are ideal for keeping them stored.

Jewelry stored in this manner can be left in a bank safe deposit box for long term storage. They will not be harmed by dry conditions inside the vault. To store diamond birthstone jewelry for travel, keep cloth wrapped jewelry in a purse, or a secure carry-on. Never leave expensive jewelry with baggage handlers, attendants, or porters. Some simple precautions will keep your jewelry from becoming scratched while traveling, and safely stored when you are not wearing it.