Diamond Jewelry Care

You just dropped several large bills to get your beloved (or maybe yourself!) a diamond or diamonds that take your breath away. That kind of investment deserves some careful attention, and that's the subject of discussion. To make your diamonds last a lifetime, there are several areas, some obvious, some not; that you need to keep in mind. While diamonds may be the hardest compound on earth, they still need some loving care.

There are cleaning, checking your settings, security and traveling.


Your diamonds can get pretty grotesque with day to day wear. Lotions, harsh soaps, food and even the oils from your skin can contribute to a less than lustrous diamond. Here are the four most popular ways to clean your diamonds at home.

1-Give them a mild detergent bath, gently using a small soft brush to wash away loose impediments. Be careful to do this in a small bowl away from the sink as the only thing worse than a filthy diamond is a lost one!

2-Soak them in solution of half ammonia and half cold water for about 30 minutes. Be sure to only use a soft bristled brush as it's possible to scratch your diamonds.

3-use one of the Quick Dip solutions sold in stores. Follow the directions and be sure not to handle the clean diamonds with your fingers, ruining all your hard work. Pick your diamond jewelry up by it's edges.

4-Ultrasonic cleaning. There's lot's of these small machines that will clean your diamond jewelry in a snap. Just be sure and follow directions, as each machine is different.


At least once a year have your diamond jewelry settings checked by a reputable jeweler. Have them check for a secure placement, particularly if your diamond is set in soft metals such as 24k gold.


Some thoughts on securing your diamonds. Keep your diamond jewelry in soft fabric covered jewelry boxes, preferably with individual compartments. One of the only things that can cut a diamond is another diamond, so keep them away from each other. don't wear it when doing hard heavy work. It's possible to chip your diamond with a hard glancing blow. Keep your treasures away from small, playful fingers. If you have a large amount, consider videotaping or digitally storing photos of your gems for insurance purposes. And be smart: don't wear your 15 carat diamond necklace to a Raider game and expect to make anything but a lot of new friends!


When traveling, store your diamonds in soft jewelry bags, individually, and use a specially designed jewelry travel case if you can get one. They are made for this purpose, and are handy indeed.

A piece of diamond jewelry means many things to many people. Diamonds are a symbol of great affection. Please honor those who gave this gift to you by giving your diamonds careful and regular care and attention and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime with a lifetime of sparkle!